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Leadership Coaching & Consulting


There are many demands on leaders within your organization. It can be difficult to grasp a complete picture of the playing field. What if an outside perspective had the power to launch your organization into a more thriving atmosphere instead of a surviving one?

At Christian Concepts Consulting, we have a strong desire to come alongside you to offer expert coaching and consulting to help you and your organization achieve its goals and objectives. This is accomplished through two key programs: through organizational diagonostics and Initial Consulting and through On-Going Coaching.


Consulting consists of a partnership in which our team enters into a relationship with you for a specific period of time.  We start by having an initial conversation with you to understand the area that you feel you need help with.  Our consultation process will enable you to gain a realistic view of how effectively your organization is functioning. With this information we will work together to develop a strategy and workable plan that is designed to see your organization become what God desires it to be.

On-going Coaching

While developing a strategic plan for your ministry or organization is vital for the ongoing growth and health of your organization, Christian Concepts can also provide you with a coach to help navigate the course for the long run. On-going coaching will provide the insight necessary to take the plan from paper to reality, from success to success—all while equipping leaders to develop and grow even amidst challenging set-backs or road blocks that are often faced.

What does Consulting or Coaching look like?

Both Initial Consulting and On-Going Coaching begin identically: with an intake session. This “no commitment” sixty minute intake meeting is designed for the consultant/coach and leader to get to know each other and answer any questions that the leader might have.  It is also during this session that the problem or objective of the organization is discussed. The objective of this meeting is to discover the perceived problems and to formulate how Christian Concepts Consulting can benefit your organization. During this meeting, the decision for Consultation or Coaching will be made and the projected partnership will be discussed.

How is Consultation or Coaching facilitated?

Both Coaching and Consulting can be onsight or video conferenced between our coaches and the leader(s). Various interviews and meetings will take place to devise a strategy and goal map for the organization.  The findings will then be presented to the organizational leaders and stakeholders. Coaching sessions usually last approximately 60-90 minutes. Sessions are held monthly, with suggested leadership implementation assignments between meetings.

Who are the coaches?

Dr. Adams serves as the primary leadership consultant and Coach for Christian Concepts Consulting. However, depending on the needs of the organization, Dr. Adams may call in specialist to provide the organization with the best possible strategy and plan. 

What is the Cost?

The initial meeting is free of charge.  

1.  Coaching -- We can provide regular coaching to help with problem solving, strategy discussions, basic training, etc.  This is typically done through video conferencing or telephone and is a huge help for small organizations that simply cannot afford on-site consulting help.  Coaching rates start at $100 per hour and are typically scheduled in advance to accomplish your purposes.   These sessions are normally two or three one hour sessions per week, however, monthly sessions can be scheduled as well. 

 2.  Consulting -- Consulting typically occurs on-site at your location and is usually based upon a daily rate that depends on the nature of the assignment and the time that would be spent.  In some cases this rate was based upon half-days because the client was in close proximity to the consultant and consulting visits didn't involve more than an hour's travel.  Our typical contract might include one or two or three days per week, two or three days a month, or two or three days every other month, depending on your needs. In some cases, in extended periods of service, this has meant an aggressive schedule early in the engagement, scaling back over time as "things get running."  

With this model for consulting we have worked with clients that have paid as little as $200 per month up to rather substantial monthly fees, again, based upon the parameters described above.  

By the way, Christian Concepts Consulting does not typically charge for travel time. We consider that to be included in our fees.  We do bill clients for travel expenses at actual cost.